Friday, 27 January 2017

The final examinations approach for Year 11....

As we move into Term 2 Year 11 students sat mock examinations in the main hall in all their subjects.
Suddenly the end seems so much nearer!
The results of these examinations together with teacher classroom assessment will really help us us know where we are at and what we need to do next in order to do our best by the time the real exams arrive in May.

In this picture students nervously make their way into the hall for one of their mock examinations.
There were a total of seven days of examinations with 2 or 3 per day for each student.
In total over 100 IB and IGCSE separate examinations were sat in this week!

In this picture we see the invigilators getting things ready for the start of this examination.

Students await the start of the examination.

And they're off! 
Two hours of mathematics.
Good luck to them all!

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